How one technique can bring benefits to so many different areas of life

Researchers have concluded that Transcendental Meditation enlivens the body's inner intelligence, supporting its innate ability to heal itself. TM harnesses the source of nature's intelligence at the foundation of the mind, which improves all aspects of mental functioning. As mind and body are intimately connected, this has measurable effects on the body too. TM brings wide-ranging benefit to every area of life.

Peak Mental Performance

By improving the connections and communication between the different parts of your brain, TM gives you the cognitive advantage you need to improve mental performance. Scientific research has shown that regular practice of TM leads to greater creativity, as well as improvements in critical thinking, problem solving, and memory.

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Improved Relationships

The TM technique contributes to more successful and fulfilling relationships. TM reduces stress and tension, a major barrier to good communication. It has been found to develop broader awareness, greater happiness, and refined feelings and emotions.

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Inner Peace

The TM® technique helps us cultivate a peaceful state of inner calm. The peace and calm experienced during the practice of TM flows into daily life. With TM, one can experience quieter levels of the mind.

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Stress & Anxiety

A Stanford University study found the TM technique to be twice as effective as other techniques for reducing stress and anxiety. The TM technique reduces the mental and physical effects of stress

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Research on TM and Education

University students improve their academic performance after learning TM

One study found that students who learned Transcendental Meditation had a significant increase in grade point average over three grading periods following their instruction, while control students' grades remained the same.

Engineering students out-performed their peers on standardized tests

Engineering students in the UK pursuing their master's degrees showed significant improved performance on standardized exams compared to a control group from the same engineering program.

Elementary students score high standardized test scores

Elementary school students in the US who were instructed in Transcendental Meditation showed significant gains on a nationally standardized test of basic skills, within one year of learning

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Norman Rosenthal, psychiatrist, researcher and author

Norman Rosenthal Psychiatrist, Author and Researcher

"Before our research was over, three of our clinicians had gotten Transcendental Meditation training. That's how impressed they were with what they saw.

No other stress management technique has anywhere close to this amount of hard data in support of its claims to reduce stress."

Rod Falk, Artist

Rod Falk, Artist
Vancouver, British Columbia

"I love my Transcendental Meditation. As an artist it is extremely valuable because it provides me with a constant flow of creativity and inspiration."