Why We Teach Transcendental Meditation in Person

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Like many organizations today, we are faced with the question of whether we need to adapt to stay relevant as most of society is forced to stay home for the foreseeable future.

While the current global health crisis is unprecedented, the pressure to change is not new to our organization. The Transcendental Meditation technique comes from a tradition that goes back thousands of years, which means we’re constantly faced with the need to find a balance between the tradition of teaching that makes TM so special and staying relevant to modern life.

Today, more of our human interaction takes place online than ever before. And we’ve responded by moving more of our educational services online.

We’ve vastly expanded our schedule of online group meditations and ongoing learning lessons for Transcendental Meditation practitioners across Canada.

And we’ve encouraged all meditators to close their eyes and meditate at the same time twice each day — either connecting online or simply meditating at the same time.

So why aren’t we teaching Transcendental Meditation online?

As we chart our course through these unprecedented times, we are uncompromising in one thing above all — the quality of instruction in Transcendental Meditation.

Our commitment to providing the best possible learning experience is why Transcendental Meditation is taught in the same way it has been for thousands of years.

It’s why every TM course is delivered by highly trained teachers who have completed 6 months of comprehensive in-residence training.

It’s why we ask everyone who learns to commit to attending each and every step of the TM course.

And it’s why we are committed to maintaining in-person instruction in TM.

Because after teaching Transcendental Meditation to tens of thousands of people, we know how profound that first experience practicing Transcendental Meditation can be. And we don’t want to deprive anyone who wants to learn of that cherished experience — even if it means having to wait a little longer to learn.

But let’s be clear: when this crisis passes — and we know it will — we will be here to teach you Transcendental Meditation.

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