What is the purpose of life?

“Life is bliss.” Let’s explore this beautiful expression of Maharishi in the context of what life is and the purpose of life for us, as an individual and collectively for our entire cosmos.

What is life?

Life, in its most essential nature, is Being. Being, or pure consciousness, is the primordial existence of everything that is real. It is simultaneously absolute and relative, unmanifest and manifest —and every possible shade of these two spectrums. Like the sap of a tree, Being is both the hidden force that nourishes life and the manifest expression of life: our body and individual physiology.

What is the purpose and nature of Being manifesting itself into life?

The PURPOSE of life is the expansion of happiness. This is true on all levels of life. From the most minute aspect of nature (like the atom) to the individual human life to the level of cosmic life. All of creation finds its purpose in the expansion of happiness. This purpose is carried forth by the force of evolution, which keeps moving life towards growth and progress on all levels.

As Maharishi has said, “The purpose of individual life is also the purpose of the life of the entire cosmos. The purpose of creation is expansion of happiness which is fulfilled through the process of cosmic evolution.”

Progress, evolution, and growth are the NATURE of life. This is where life finds its expression and fulfillment in the natural tendency towards more and more.

What is more than the most that life can grow towards?

Life finds fulfillment in living infinitely. This is the natural tendency of life and the fulfillment of life. It is the steps of increasing satisfaction that are the steps of progress and growth in life. And this is where life finds fulfillment.

In Maharishi’s words: “Expansion of happiness is the purpose of life, and evolution is the process through which it is fulfilled.”

Where do we find this creative potential?

The unique gift that we have as human beings is a highly developed nervous system that allows us to directly experience pure consciousness at the source of thought when we transcend. This is the infinite reservoir of our creative intelligence. When we have access to this source of creative intelligence we can progress and grow to fulfill the natural purpose of life in happiness and abundance.

This is the complete fulfillment of the purpose and nature of life, which finds its fulfillment in living the fullness of the absolute and relative fields of life.

Does this mean we should transcend more and do less?

On the contrary! Our daily activity, along with the experience of transcending allows us to stabilize Being in all our activities to live life in fulfillment. Rest is the basis of activity, so the deeper and more rejuvenating the rest, the more dynamic our activity can be.

For example, if you use an arrow to hit your target, you could try throwing it hard. Yet the real power lies in pulling back the arrow on a bow. In the moment of complete rest of pulling the arrow back, it gains potential energy that is transformed into kinetic energy when we release it from the bow. Like that, in the moment of complete stillness and rest of mind and body, great energy is released into our activity to reach our goals and fulfill our desires naturally.

Here we come full circle: the purpose of life is to grow and evolve in the expansion of happiness.

So, the ultimate fulfillment of human beings is in living a dynamic, progressive life that is established in the field of Being, pure consciousness. This is when we have stabilized the transcendent in the midst of our busy activity of daily life, even during sleep and dream states of life.

Maharishi calls this the natural state of life because it is the most normal functioning of our physiology, free from stress. When our nervous system is stress free and functions normally, it can spontaneously maintain pure consciousness in all our activities and undertakings. This is the state of eternal freedom in life.

How do we grow into these steps of progress and fulfillment naturally?

We grow and evolve in life through the direct EXPERIENCE of pure consciousness or Being, along with the KNOWLEDGE or intellectual understanding of Being. Both practical and theoretical aspects are needed to bring complete fulfillment.

We transcend and at the same time gain understanding about our experiences and the growth towards developing our full potential. Our direct experience of transcending allows our heart and mind to grow to their full value. At the same time, our intellect is satisfied by the knowledge and understanding to remove any doubts and misunderstandings about our experiences and progress towards more and more fulfillment.

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