Visionary artist, and TMer Krista Kim, displays her Continuum Tour in Toronto

Contemporary artist and founder of the Techism movement, Krista Kim, showcased Continuum – the largest meditative digital installation in the world (100-foot wall that’s 6 feet high), last weekend in Toronto. The artist partnered with musician Jeff Schroeder of The Smashing Pumpkins to create a calming musical accompaniment. In collaboration with the City of Toronto, this exciting project created a space of reconciliation at Fort York National Museum by bringing healing light and sound to the community.

The Toronto Transcendental Meditation Centre had the unique opportunity of being at the exhibition, enjoying the immersive experience, and meeting the artists.

After a group meditation, Krista shared her journey and experiences of TM, and her creative process with the community in a meet and greet.

“Life is hard, being human is not easy, we all go through ups and downs, especially coming out of Covid,” Krista shared, “it’s a blessing that I’m a meditator.”

She mentioned that she is a huge advocate of meditation. “It’s great for any kind of trauma, everyone has trauma.” While she was enrolled in a Master of Fine Art program, she was looking for a natural way to manage it, so she learned Transcendental Meditation — and hasn’t stopped practicing since. “I’ve been meditating twice per day since then, it transformed my life as a human being and as an artist.”

She then shared “Consciousness and intuition is heightened to the next level, every time you do it, you feel one with nature. You’re balanced with nature, so nature supports and facilitates your wishes, your vision.” Krista thinks that’s an incredible tool for artists and creatives, for anyone in the world to really find their genius through meditation.

The TM group also had the chance to meet Jeff Schroeder – the music composer and Krista Kim’s collaborator from the Mars House. Schroeder, also a meditator, was teaming up with Krista again, and he was on-site playing live performances, bringing healing sound frequency music to her meditative visuals.

Krista shared that she likes to use the screen as a mechanism for healing and pure consciousness. As she mentioned before, she is a meditator and wants to bring the culture of Zen into the 21st century and beyond. Her inspiration for Continuum comes from when she was in Tokyo. “Japanese Buddhist monks built Zen gardens over 1,200 years ago to create a communal space that visually imparts a sense of meditativeness and mindfulness. In 2021, our communities need public art spaces that will do the same thing; spaces that allow people to decompress from the stresses of everyday life using the digital language of our times.”

“I’m a huge advocate of meditation. Meditation will save us from the machine, and art will save us from ourselves. Our digital devices are not designed for our well-being in fact our devices are quite destructive. We all need to take a break from our devices. We’re in a Bull market, these devices are designed for Wall Street.”

In response to this, Krista shared that she wanted to use those same screens emitting blue light for meditative healing, an idea she had from years ago. Passionate about mental health, she thought the community needed this kind of programming coming out of Covid, one that is healing and gives back and has space for reconciliation, that we all need collectively – a CONTINUUM – a unifying power and energy for the community.

Krista ventured into NFTs while exploring meditative design during quarantine; her hope was to use the influx of digital life as an opportunity to promote well-being. This public art installation NFT, promoting the confluence of art and technology, and technological innovation as a medium to further the development of digital humanism, shifts the audience’s point of view of ‘art as a product’ to ‘art as consciousness.’

“Art is a way for pushing humanity forward.” – Krista Kim

Watch the replays of the live broadcast from CONTINUUM Toronto here:

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