TM and the importance of thought on the thinker and its surroundings

“A thought starts from the deepest level of consciousness, travels through the whole depth of the ocean of mind, and finally appears as a conscious thought on the surface. Thus we find that every thought stirs the whole range of the depth of consciousness, but that it is consciously appreciated only when it has come to the conscious level; the rest of its many stages of development are not appreciated. That is why, for all practical purposes, we say that the deeper levels of the ocean of consciousness are as though silent.” – Maharishi

Take a moment and see what kind of thoughts you had in the last ten minutes. Were they positive and uplifting or negative and discouraging? How did they make you feel? We can notice the effects of our own thoughts, since we are closest to the source of where they originate from – our own consciousness at the depth of our own mind. Our thoughts affect us, but also ripple out to our environment and the atmosphere. 

As Maharishi put it: “A proper thought means a thought whose nature is harmonious and useful to the thinker and the surroundings. Every thought, as has every spoken word, has some influence on the thinker and on his surroundings. Just as a stone thrown into a pond produces waves that reach all the extremities of the pond, any thought, word, or action produces waves in the atmosphere, and these waves travel in all directions and strike against everything in the atmosphere.” 

Imagine you hiked to a beautiful still mountain lake. There is no wind and its surface is completely still. If you throw a stone into the lake you will see the ripples traveling in all directions, striking against everything they come across. In the same way our thoughts produce an influence in our surroundings, whether positive or negative. 

How can we most effectively move towards more life-supporting thoughts for us and our environment? By going to the source of thought and removing any stress and obstacles on the way that could cause negative thoughts. Transcendental Meditation gives us a natural and effortless way to remove stresses from our mind and body. We go beyond the active thinking mind to quieter, more powerful levels of thinking and eventually to the source of thought – pure Consciousness. This is where we tap into our infinite creativity, energy and intelligence. From this level our thoughts and actions become naturally more evolutionary and life-supporting.

To learn more purchase The Science of Being and Art of Living, written by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi,  first published in 1963.

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