The Changing Student Experience

Student stress has reached unprecedented levels and it’s hurting all of us. It is clear that our society needs to find another way to deal with stress. Proven by modern researchers, the ancient tradition of Transcendental Meditation is the clear-cut solution to our stressful stress problem. A stress-free society is within reach and it starts with Transcendental Meditation.

The Modern Campus Scene

When you hear the word university or college, what do you imagine the experience is like?

That answer may vary drastically depending on what stage of life you’re in.

Maybe you’re in high school and post-secondary sounds like a magical place of freedom, new experiences, and occasionally education. Or maybe you’re all grown up and you remember/imagine it as a fun place full of friends and little responsibility. Or maybe you’re currently a post-secondary student, like me, and know what it’s actually like – stressful.

A recent study by the Canadian Association of College and University Student Services (CACUSS) found that 89% of students have felt overwhelmed in the last year. However, that is just the surface of the matter on student mental health and it gets far more worrisome from there. To put it simply: the state of student mental health has become an epidemic. You can read the full CACUSS report on student health.

Where Did it All Go So Wrong?

The post-secondary experience has changed a lot lately and if you’re a parent of a current student, things have changed drastically since the time you would’ve been in school.

The current epidemic of poor student mental health is a function of the multiple, often negative, changes that have occurred on—and off—campus over the last few decades.

According to the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS), adjusted for inflation, student tuition has risen 155% since 1990 and student debt has risen 40% since 2000. To make matters worse, wages used to offset this debt have not been able to keep up with it. Furthermore, a degree no longer guarantees you a job after graduation, meaning you may be left with a lot of debt and no job to pay it off. Adding on to this, industries today are being created, altered, and nullified faster than ever before due to the exponential speed of technological advancements. This rapid development has lead to a culture that never truly turns off – we are always connected to each other and our work through portable smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Coupling the rapidly developing problems of attending school and modern society has lead to an exponential increase in the pressure on students.

These are all major factors that have altered the student experience and students’ perception of what life is like after school. When you add to the mix a lack of supply of student support services and a lack of understanding the importance of sleep and rest, disaster is sure to happen. This has brought upon students unprecedented levels of stress that is hindering their ability to perform and live happily, which ultimately hurts society as a whole.

It’s Costing Us.

This has widespread implications and it ultimately effects all of us in a negative way. These implications span more than just how you personally feel, they have real physical and economic impacts. In fact, The American Institute of Stress has found that up to 90% of doctor visits are stress-related.

Stress is estimated to cost the Canadian economy $33 billion in lost productivity and billions more in medical costs. These precious resources could easily be used in other nation-building projects that boost the living standard and stimulate the economy. It also means that students do not perform as well as they possibly could in school, striping away many opportunities for them to have a greater contribution to society. On top of this, stress impairs our personal creativity; meaning that stress is hindering students’ ability to come up with creative solutions to the complex problems and challenges facing our society.

No matter how you put it, this epidemic is costing us. All of us.

Let’s Fix It

This is actually quite simple – we must begin investing in ourselves. For the greatest return on personal investment, Transcendental Meditation is the way to go.

Transcendental Meditation has a wide range of measurable benefits that have been verified with clinical research. From reducing stress, to creating feelings of happiness, to improving productivity, you have every reason in the world to start. It’s a clear, easy, simple, highly effective, and scientifically verified solution to this epidemic with no side effects, only side-benefits.

There are many factors in our environment, such as tuition, that we cannot change, but we can certainly change ourselves and how we react to the environment. Transcendental Meditation is a tool that reduces the impact of negative stimuli and slowly lifts the stress that has been accumulated over the years.

Through this technique, student stress levels can easily drop out of the domain of ‘epidemic’. It may not seem like much, but a change as simple as this would have wondrous economic, social, and cultural impacts.

Imagine if students didn’t have to resort to therapy or drugs .

Imagine if stress-related disease and illness was wiped out.

Imagine if students meditated, fundamentally liberating society from the immense burden of stress.

Imagine Change – you’re half way there. Now go experience it. Learn TM.


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