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Loyola Medical School Pioneers TM Program for Students

Medical students are stressed. With the long hours of study and medical training, the mental and physical well-being of students is a real concern. High levels of stress can have serious consequences, pushing many…

The Quiet Power of Transcendental Meditation

TM is no longer a strictly alternative practice. It’s embraced by health professionals, celebrities, and educators alike for its scientifically validated benefits and its ability to calm the mind.

The Changing Student Experience

Student stress has reached unprecedented levels and it’s hurting all of us. It is clear that our society needs to find another way to deal with stress. Proven by modern…

Changing the World: It Starts from Within

What do you believe your mental health is worth? Overwhelmed and exhausted by school, external expectations, and so much more, students today are dropping like flies. To me, there is…