Stay Inside and Play

It is fascinating to me that all my life, I have been told, “go outside and play.” 

From the time I was a child, underfoot to my Mom, to the times I was told, “get ready for school;” to the times I was told to “go out and get a job,” to the times I was told to go socialize with my friends and be a part of society.

The call was always to turn outwards, leave my home, and interact with others. 

Then along came COVID-19. Suddenly we are all being told by society to “stay inside and play.” Only go out when necessary. Don’t interact with others.  

And finally, after all these years, learn how to actually wash your hands……(yes, you NEVER actually did it right!)

For the first time in most of our lives, society is pushing us towards calmness, settledness, and rest. 

And everyone with a meditation practice, such as Transcendental Meditation, is finding an environment that encourages them to turn inward and find that resilience and peace of mind that is nourished by non-activity.

As someone who has practiced Transcendental Meditation for more than 40 years, I feel especially grateful to have this technique to access that most natural state of inner calm  — the transcending experience — during such a turbulent time. 

And it is why I encourage you to seek out a certified Teacher of Transcendental Meditation to find out how you can turn inward with a sense of peace so that you do not feel trapped and restless whenever ‘being inside” becomes a part of your life.

Of course, you now have to wait for COVID-19 to pass before teachers will be able to teach again, one on one.  

But when the world’s messaging comes back again to, ‘go outside and play,” you will have learned a simple, effortless technique that will give you both options, inner and outer, to enhance your life.

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