Liv Tyler: ‘Incredible way of centering myself’

“I grew up around a lot of people – friends, family – who were meditating. Meditation is an incredible way of centering myself, of calming myself, and really getting perspective on where I am. The best thing about Transcendental Meditation is that it’s such a personal thing. (…) I felt like reaching out and searching for ways to soothe myself and to help myself. 

After I did the first week of Transcendental Meditation where I did it twice a day, from that moment on I’ve never been that frazzled or that tired ever again. It was like it sort of restored my body on such a deep level. There was like a week’s worth of sleep. From that moment forward it was like I knew day and way. My whole nervous system reacted differently. I feel much less panicked and anxious and more calm about things. But I also feel deeply centered and rested.”

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