How you can access the most settled level of your mind

Imagine, it’s a beautiful sunny day and you are out for a boat ride with some friends. Suddenly, the wind picks up and big waves start tossing the little boat around. It could feel like the entire ocean is in upheaval. But, if you put some scuba diving gear on to dive into the ocean, beyond the choppy waves, you would find that at the bottom of the ocean it is calm and settled.


Our mind is like the ocean — it can appear rough on the surface, but deep below it always remains calm. We all know the busy, active part of our mind: I’ve got to do this; I’ve got to get going, I’ve to slow down…on and on. Yet, we intuitively know that there is a level of our mind which is quiet, settled, and wide awake. A depth of our mind of infinite energy and intelligence, or pure consciousness and Being. The question is: how do we get access to this silent yet wakeful part of our mind? 

As Maharishi Mahesh Yogi expressed it in his book, The Science of Being Art of Living, “The process of bringing the attention to the level of the transcendental Being is known as the system of transcendental deep meditation.”

Transcendental Meditation (or TM) is a technique that allows your mind to settle to quieter levels of thinking beyond the busy active thinking mind and tap into the field of pure consciousness or Being — where intelligence and creative potential come to life.

And just like learning to dive into the ocean, once you set yourself in the right direction, nature takes care of the rest — giving you a natural, effortless meditation experience.

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