How meditation improves our relationships

Have you noticed your relationships improve since you started practicing Transcendental Meditation?

Sometimes we notice it most with our partners or closest friends, other times it’s in those brief interactions with people we don’t know that well. Whatever the particulars may be, the outcome stays consistent: practicing Transcendental Meditation improves our relationships.

But how does a deeply personal activity often practiced alone translate to healthier relationships?

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of Transcendental Meditation, puts it simply, “The key to relationships is to take care of our own self.”

When we’re burdened by stress, anxiety, or fatigue, it impacts how we connect with others. Most of us can recall examples from our own lives of spats with a friend or a significant other that could have been avoided if only we hadn’t been tired.

By developing a meditation practice that eliminates the deep-rooted stress and fatigue we carry around, we’re able to approach our relationships with greater openness, gratitude, and ease.

But the benefits of Transcendental Meditation extend beyond that.

“Friendship, marriage, relationships — all these find their fulfillment spontaneously in the full developed potential of the individual,” Maharishi says.

The capacity for love, enjoyment, and fulfillment in our relationships is limited only by our own individual capacity for those things. If we’re living at half our potential, then our relationships can only be enjoyed at half their potential.

Because the process of transcending gives rise to greater satisfaction and fulfillment within ourselves, we naturally develop those qualities in our relationships. Living life to our full personal potential, we enjoy friendships and relationships to their fullest extent.

Watch Maharishi on how Transcendental Meditation improves relationships:

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