Connect Body and Mind with Dr. Tony Nader

Dr Tony Nader

A free series of breathing and awareness exercises designed to support you during the current global crisis.

Dr. Nader, the head of the global Transcendental Meditation organization, guides you through this 15-part series with instruction in restorative breathing and mental techniques.

Designed to be practiced about 3-4 times each day, these techniques are easy to add to your daily routine.

Complete one video each day, or go through several at a time. But be sure to do them sequentially — and do them all — to get the most out of this series.

Having trouble watching the videos below? Watch them directly on Facebook here.

Session 1: Introduction — Let’s meditate together as a world family.

Session 2: Breaking the cycle of fear & anxiety — Part 1.

Session 3: Breaking the cycle of fear & anxiety — Part 2.

Session 4: Introduction to Sukh Pranayam.

Session 5: Continuing Sukh Pranayama.

Session 6: Breaking the pattern of stressed breathing.

Session 7: An intellectual understanding of Sukh Pranayama.

Session 8: The Vedic principle of Pratyahara – Drawing the senses inward naturally.

Session 9: Connecting sound (space) and touch (air) with the senses through Pranayama.

Session 10: Awakening finer levels of perception.

Session 11: Awakening finer levels of perception. Connecting space (sound) and air (touch) with the senses through Pranayama.

Session 12: Awakening the upper brain & nervous system.

Session 13: Connecting sound (space), touch (air), temperature (fire), and taste (water) through Pranayama.

Session 14: Connecting all 5 senses through Pranayama.


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