Changing the World: It Starts from Within

What do you believe your mental health is worth? Overwhelmed and exhausted by school, external expectations, and so much more, students today are dropping like flies. To me, there is only one solution to cure this ailment – a focus on developing our mind. The best way? A practice that has been around for thousands of years – Transcendental Meditation.

The External Focus

What do you believe your mental health is worth?

Let that sink in for a moment… how do you feel about the health of your mind?

Let’s make a comparison. What about the value of developing our mind? Well, we know that: tuition alone is about $6,000 per year in Canada. So if you are willing to pay $24,000 for a four-year degree, which is no longer ‘insurance’ for a good job and a stable future, how much are you willing to pay for true insurance on happiness and a peaceful mind? Keep this question in mind for now.

With school being so expensive there has to be a driving personal motivation behind it. For many students their motivation is “to get a good career,” or “so I can earn a good salary,” or “because that is what’s expected of me”. Too few are the answers such as ‘for personal development.’ Nonetheless, notice that these answers largely have a common underlying theme: to accumulate external wealth. This is streamlined with what our culture emphasizes and cherishes: the external expressions of wealth and ‘wellbeing’; i.e. having more stuff than you could possibly ever use.

But when do we cherish the development of the inward expressions of wealth and wellbeing of happiness, tranquility, and a peaceful mind? Too often this is left out and it is costing us lives, money, and jobs.

Why Must it Change?

Our personal development is analogous to building a house. Our culture cherishes and rewards building a beautiful house – the outward expressions of wealth – but neglects the foundation that house is built upon – the inward expressions of wellbeing – because it is not visible. Any builder worth his salt knows even the grandest house will crumble without a solid foundation.

This focus on what we can easily see versus that which we cannot is accentuated in our views on injuries. Concussions, a major trauma to the brain that can lead to serious psychological problems, were once essentially a non-issue because, unlike physical injuries, we could not see it or touch it, thus making it difficult to comprehend.

Sound familiar?

Depressed millionaires, spoiled children, broken relationships, consumerism, materialism and so on. All the products of a culture emphasizing the construction of a massive house without an afterthought of establishing what supports it.

It’s Time for a Change

To this, I say we need a paradigm shift. We need to cherish the everyday person who is truly happy, who has stable relationships with their friends, family, and loved ones. It is time we each examine what is within ourselves and focus on nurturing that which every human being fundamentally desires – health and happiness.

By shifting our focus to health and happiness, we can fundamentally refocus our collective consciousness onto worthwhile, high-minded subjects that ultimately foster advanced cultures that create a meaningful impact on our world. With this change, our not-to-distant future societies may cherish meaningful growth over purely economic growth, personal wellness over monetary wealth, and personal relationships over transactions.

But shifting our collective consciousness first requires shifting our individual conscious; a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The quickest and easiest means to facilitate this change is through Transcendental Meditation.

Enlightenment is easier than you think.

How We Are Fairing

Refer back to our starting question: What do you believe your mental health is worth? What was your initial thought?

One day while listening to the radio, I heard this exact question posed to listeners, phrased as “How much would you pay for one day of happiness?” What would you pay? The answers I heard were astonishing. They ranged from $80 to emptying their bank account… for ONE DAY OF HAPPINESS! That is absurd. It is insane. Call it what you want, it is not right for someone to be so desperate for a peaceful mind.

What we often neglect is that the state of our mind dictates the value we derive from our other investments in ourself. A stressed mind can impair learning and cause illness and disease, negating the time and effort spent in school or at the gym. This is why personal development is so important; taking the time to build a solid foundation within provides a platform for building life long success.

It’s Time for a Renaissance

Luckily, there has been a renaissance in building a personal foundation by turning inwards through meditation. Among the first true meditation techniques to be brought to North America from the east, Transcendental Meditation, is a perfect example of the power of turning inward to develop one’s self. Transcendental Meditation allows you to spontaneously and easily create a connection to your conscious self. It allows you to focus and build on what is truly important: your personal, inward expressions of wealth and wellbeing. Through this powerful technique, living to your greatest potential in an unbounded, meaningful existence saturated with happiness is actually attainable in daily life.

This is the first step in a journey of a thousand miles. When one person shifts their consciousness, others are bound to notice, inclining them to change too. It spreads like a wave in a pond. All it takes is that first drop of water.

Having an enlightened society is not just a fairytale. It begins within the individual and spreads outward. By focusing on our personal development, we can positively impact our society and change its focus from outward wild-goose chases to inward development and emotional stabilization.

It is time we as a people finally woke up and realized that we can rise above our basic materialistic and selfish instincts to become something greater.

This is not just a call to research if meditation is good or right for you. I am challenging you to begin contemplating meditation in your life.

This is a challenge to reflect on whether you are ready to begin building who you are and who you were meant to be.

And at the end of this journey, I want you to answer one question and one question only:

Do you believe you’re ready?


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