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How to break free from attachment

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What’s the difference between love and attachment? They come from very different places and serve different goals. Love, in its most mature form, is giving and caring for others, supporting growth and progress Tony Nader, PhD, says. Meanwhile, attachment is self-centred and transactional in its nature. There are different forms…

5 great gift ideas for loved ones interested in meditation

Know someone who has or is interested in starting a meditation practice this Holiday Season? Here is a list of 5 great gift ideas that will help your loved ones on their journey to health, wellness, and peace. 1. Books All of us have books that have a significant impact…

What is the purpose of life?

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“Life is bliss.” Let’s explore this beautiful expression of Maharishi in the context of what life is and the purpose of life for us, as an individual and collectively for our entire cosmos. What is life? Life, in its most essential nature, is Being. Being, or pure consciousness, is the primordial…

TM and the importance of thought on the thinker and its surroundings

“A thought starts from the deepest level of consciousness, travels through the whole depth of the ocean of mind, and finally appears as a conscious thought on the surface. Thus we find that every thought stirs the whole range of the depth of consciousness, but that it is consciously appreciated…