Loyola Medical School Pioneers TM Program for Students

Medical students are stressed. With the long hours of study and medical training, the mental and physical well-being of students is a real concern.

High levels of stress can have serious consequences, pushing many medical students to drop out. For practicing physicians, the long hours and intense pressure can impact the quality of patient care.

But now, Loyola University Chicago’s Stritch School of Medicine is giving students a tool to combat the stressful nature of medical school and a carrer that follows. In a program that’s the first of its kind, Loyola University medical students can take an elective class in Transcendental Meditation (TM).

Dani Terrell, a second-year medical student at Loyola, says learning Transcendental Meditation has changed her life.

“It’s changed the kind of person that I am inside and out,” Terrell said. “Part of that is because it really lets you maximize your full potential – the kind that everyone knows that they have inside but gets impeded upon by all these tiny obstacles and stresses that come up every day.”

Describing the first day after learning TM, Terrell said, “I just had such a calm and clarity and extreme rest. I think that’s one of the things that’s most appealing … you have this profound rest that I think most people don’t even get when they go to sleep – and you have it in 20 minutes.”

“I think most of the students who have taken the course and stuck with it have found it equally as life-altering,” Terrell said.

Dr. Linda Brubaker, Dean of the Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine, said offering this class was a no-brainer.

“There’s no risk to this, and we really care about our medical students, and we want our students to learn self-care so they can be resilient doctors, and Transcendental Meditation is one of the things that can help them get there,” Brubaker said. “Who wouldn’t want a doctor who’s taking good care of themselves and has more to give to their patients?”

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