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Centre Chairperson: Teresa Gillen
Telephone: 778-353-3014
Location: Salt Spring Island, BC

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Local Teachers

Teresa Gillen

Teresa Gillen learned Transcendental Meditation in 1971 and feels it was the best decision of her life. She became a TM teacher a few years later, and spent several years working at the international level of the TM organization, soaking up as much knowledge and experience as possible. She taught TM around the world --  to children and adults -- and joined an international women's world peace organization for almost 20 years using TM as a powerful, effective stress management tool.

Teresa holds a B.A. from Maharishi University of Management  and went on to receive her Master's degree in the Science of Consciousness.

Now Teresa calls Salt Spring Island home, where she teaches residents and visitors who come to explore this beautiful Gulf island.

Carolyn Grayson

"The best gift I ever received was to learn Transcendental Meditation in 1966. It changed my life and forged my new future." In 1972, Carolyn Grayson went to Mallorca, Spain and Italy to study with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and was made a teacher of TM. Over the years she has taught meditation to over 300 students and has facilitated 60 retreat courses in major cities across Canada. She has been an administrator and schoolteacher for the Maharishi School for Ideal Education in Ottawa and Victoria.

In 1972, Carolyn completed a B.Ed degree in Art Education at University of Victoria and later post graduate studies in Fine Art at Maharishi International University. Her expertise is in systems management, public relations, writing and art history.

Currently Carolyn lives with her husband David, on Salt Spring Island, BC where she never tires of the ever-changing beauty of the Gulf Islands. She enjoys story-writing, mixed media painting, researching European and Canadian fine art, and being with the close-knit family of friends on Salt Spring Island.

"The whole purpose of life is to gain enlightenment. Nothing else is significant compared to that completely natural, exalted state of consciousness. So always strive for that. Set your life around that goal. Don't get caught up in small things, and then it will be yours." Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Alan Brooke

Alan Brooke was born in England, and moved to Canada when he was 9 years old. He grew up in West Vancouver. He was educated at UBC, and holds a diploma in Mechanical Technology from BCIT. He worked in custom furniture design and production, and as an Engineering Technologist. Alan learned Transcendental Meditation in 1979, then became a TM teacher in 1990. Following that Alan and his wife Estelle taught TM in Vancouver then went on to help the International TM Movement in Holland in 1997. They returned to BC in 2007, and now live on Saltspring Island. Alan and Estelle grow most of their own organic food, and enjoy sailing up and down the coast. He likes designing and making things in wood. 

For Those Already Practicing Transcendental Meditation

MEDITATORS' MEETINGS: Are held regularly - please contact us for full schedule.

PERSONAL CHECKING: To refresh your practice and receive more guidance on your TM technique, these one-to-one 30 minute sessions are available by appointment.

REFRESHER COURSES: If you would like to refresh your practice and understanding of Transcendental Meditation, why not sit in again on a course of instruction? Phone or email for details.

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Helle Pettersen, Nurse and Mother:

"Those 20 minutes of silence were the quietest I had known for a long, long time. I felt I got in touch with my self, that inner peace, that person I am," Helle says. "That was great. Now, as a parent, I am much more focused, calm, with better resources to give more, and can be more present for my daughter – calm, not stressed." - Helle Pettersen As quoted in "Flying Start Parenting" magazine"