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Local Teachers

Eric Simon

Eric Simon learned Transcendental Meditation® during the summer of 1976, a month before starting university. From a young age Eric was keenly interested in the development of human potential. He found the scientific research on TM® compelling and even before finding a teacher was convinced he'd discovered a powerful technique for self-actualization. From his first meditation he realized this would be his life-long practice. The desire to teach was also born in that initial sitting of TM®. Eric traveled the globe attending as many advanced courses as possible in order to deepen his experience and understanding culminating in his completion of TM® teacher training in 1992.

Currently Eric is course director of the TM® organization's residential academy in the Muskoka district of Ontario where he teaches TM® and organizes meditation retreats. In the 1990's Eric was a founding director of Maharishi Vedic College and Maharishi Ayurveda College in the Eastern Townships of Quebec where he opened and managed an ayurvedic spa offering panchakarma.

Eric teaches TM® in both English and French.

From 1982 to 2004 Eric owned and operated an art business in Quebec.

Eric's other interests include: design, art, nature, environmental sustainability, local history, film, cooking, and travel.

Francine Leclerc

Francine Leclerc has practiced Transcendental Meditation since 1975. She became a certified teacher of Transcendental Meditation in December 2010. She teaches French and English in the Greater Montréal area and also in the surrounding regions.

Michèle Beausoleil

Michèle Beausoleil learned TM in 1972 and became a TM teacher in 1976. She earned a Masters degree in education from Maharishi University of Management in 1987 and a Doctorat Honoris Causa in World Peace from the Maharishi European Research University in 2005. She was the co-director of the Montréal TM Center and teaches in both languages – French and English. She taught more than 3,000 people both in French and English. She also teaches Maharishi Ayurveda courses in Montreal and coordinates the visits of Ayurveda experts from India. She is currently working on a project to build a Peace Palace for the greater Montreal.

John Cerigo

John Cérigo became a TM teacher in 1974. He also holds a degree from Concordia University in engineering and business administration. He has been teaching TM for 40 years and was the director of the Montréal TM Center for the past 28 years. He taught TM to more than 5,000 people both in French and English. Accompanied by his wife Michèle Beausoleil, he has been organizing lectures in the fields of health, education and business in the province of Quebec.


Joanne Hollander

In 1970, when no one was looking, I snuck into a TM lecture at McGill University.

Following up, I then became instructed in the TM programme on June 14, 1970, which became the happiest day of my life, hands down. Over the next several months of regular practice my life changed radically with very tangible and wonderful results. Exactly three years later, in 1973, I decided that I needed to share my experiences of TM with others, helping them attain the same inner peace and dynamism in activity that had so notably transformed my own life.

Once a TM teacher, I dedicated my teaching time to working in the corporate world. As I had had many years of experience in the business world, teaching in that sector came very naturally to me..  I taught TM through the "Corporate Development Program" to many top executives in the business community in Montréal, executives and personnel from institutions such as the TD Bank and Steinberg's, a major Canadian food chain.

Over the years I have never stopped teaching, as it has been such a fulfilling experience, even while I have run first a jewelry business (Joanne Hollander Designs) until 1996, then, until now, while I serve as president and product developer for Soyummi Foods in Canada and the US, a company I founded in 2001.

The benefits from the TM and TM Sidhi programmes have afforded me a rich,fulfilling and dynamic career.  My aspiration now is to help others realize their dreams.


Marie France Graude

Marie France Graude started Transcendental Meditation 31 years ago. She's the mother of two and worked in architecture with her husband architect. She became a teacher of Transcendental Meditation under the guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. She has been teaching this unique technique in French, English and Spanish for 27 years.

For Those Already Practicing Transcendental Meditation

MEDITATORS' MEETINGS: Are held regularly - please contact us for full schedule.

PERSONAL CHECKING: To refresh your practice and receive more guidance on your TM technique, these one-to-one 30 minute sessions are available by appointment.

REFRESHER COURSES: If you would like to refresh your practice and understanding of Transcendental Meditation, why not sit in again on a course of instruction? Phone or email for details.

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