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Centre Chairperson: Laurent Maltais
Telephone: 506-855-2300
Location: Moncton, New Brunswick
253 Old Coach Rd, Riverview, NB, E1B 5R7 

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Laurent Maltais

I learned TM in 1978 because I really needed something to help me deal with the stress I was experiencing from work.  As a Social Worker I was responsible for an in-house rehabilitation program for alcohol and drug addicts.  Needless to say, at the end of each day I was drained and a night's sleep was not sufficient to help me recover from my fatigue.  From the start TM gave me the edge I was looking for.  Not only did I regain all of my strength but it even gave me more than what I thought possible.  After recommending TM to all of the clients from 1978 to 1995, I finally decided to become a TM Teacher myself.  There were so few TM teachers in the maritime provinces that I felt it was time for me to take the next step.  My wife felt the same way as well so we both became TM Teachers.

In the years that followed I participated in many projects promoting TM.  One of which was in collaboration with the former minister of Education of New Brunswick, Mr. Clarence Cormier, in the creation of the Canadian Association for Stress Free Schools, and I have been the Executive Director since. In 2008 I accepted the role of being the National Director of Law and Order to promote TM within the Justice Department and its penal system inclusively.  

My wife and I take considerable interest in experimenting with foreign cuisine.  We particularly like Indian food for its delicious variety of spices. Over the years we also explored French, Italian and Greek recipes.  Our waist line is a reflection of that passion.  We also enjoy walking on the numerous well kept trails available in the Greater Moncton area.

I have a Bachelor Degree in Social Sciences from the University of Moncton that I completed in 1975.  However, my area of expertise at present is with Maharishi's Vedic Science and more particularly in the area of creating permanent world peace.

Marcelle Lamontagne

I started practicing Transcendental Meditation in 1989 and became a TM teacher in 1996.  Transcendental Meditation continues to be a major tool for my personal and professional development as it provides me with greater clarity of mind, more energy and a deeper sense of compassion for my fellow human beings.

Originally, I am from Lévis, Quebec.  I have completed my BA & Masters degree at the "Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières".  At the end of my studies I have adopted New Brunswick for my residence and for starting my professional career.  This province has become my new home.  I am a member of the College of Psychologist of New Brunswick since 1994.  Presently, I am employed by the Georges Dumont Hospital (Vitalite).

My husband Laurent and I manage the Maharishi Invincibility Centre for the Greater Moncton area since 1998.

My hobbies include cooking, walking and scrapbooking.

For Those Already Practicing Transcendental Meditation

MEDITATORS' MEETINGS: Are held regularly - please contact us for full schedule.

PERSONAL CHECKING: To refresh your practice and receive more guidance on your TM technique, these one-to-one 30 minute sessions are available by appointment.

REFRESHER COURSES: If you would like to refresh your practice and understanding of Transcendental Meditation, why not sit in again on a course of instruction? Phone or email for details.

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Helle Pettersen, Nurse and Mother:

"Those 20 minutes of silence were the quietest I had known for a long, long time. I felt I got in touch with my self, that inner peace, that person I am," Helle says. "That was great. Now, as a parent, I am much more focused, calm, with better resources to give more, and can be more present for my daughter – calm, not stressed." - Helle Pettersen As quoted in "Flying Start Parenting" magazine"