Attend a Free TM Intro Talk

This is the first step in learning Transcendental Meditation. David Shaw, certified TM Teacher of 40 years will explain how learning this simple technique may benefit you personally, how it differs from other practices and the structure of the course itself. There will also be ample opportunity to have all your questions answered.

We occasionally schedule introductory talks in areas east and north of the GTHA - Richmond Hill, Whitby, and Barrie. Please inquire for dates and locations.

Call us at 416-964-1725 or email us via our Contact Us page. Introductory talks are free of charge. You can learn everything you need to know in order to make a confident and informed decision to start the practice.

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Ellen Degeneres Image

Ellen DeGeneres

"There is something about TM. It is the only time I have that stillness. I open my eyes and I'm sad that it's 20 minutes later. It gives me this peaceful feeling—I just love it so much."