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Principal Instructor: David Shaw
Telephone: 416-964-1725
Location: 2642 Midland Ave.
(north of Midland and Sheppard)
Scarborough, ON M1S 1R7 

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Local Teachers

David Shaw

David began the practice of TM as a student and had the privilege of studying with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the 70s. His teaching experience includes: over 2,000 individuals instructed in the TM technique, leading regular advanced seminars and workshops for practitioners, facilitating residential retreats, and the implementation of TM as part of corporate leadership programmes.  

In addition to being a certified TM instructor for 40 years, David has also maintained a parallel career as an business entrepreneur. The multiple marketing and communications enterprises he launched has led his teams of specialists across Canada, the USA, Caribbean, UK, EU, and Asia developing and implementing communications strategies and mission critical business operations for multi-national corporations.

He has taken a hiatus from the business arena to focus on the development and expansion of the TM Programmes in Canada. David's current role with the TM organizations includes; local teaching responsibilities, leading the national communications strategies and outreach programmes as well as a role with the international communications team.

 Razvan Ionescu

Razvan was born and raised in Craiova, Romania. He obtained his B.Com at University of Craiova. During his university years, he devoted his time to being VP of finance at AIESEC Craiova, the local chapter of the largest not-for-profit, student run organization in the world.

Razvan began his TM practice in the summer of 2011 and, after four years of practice, in 2015 he became a certified teacher of Transcendental Meditation. He learnt TM at the recommendation of his brother, being inspired by the positive improvements and growth he saw in his brother and family. Now, almost everyone in their extended family is practicing TM.

Razvan is also a member of CPA, Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario, earning his professional designation in 2010 as Certified Management Accountant (CMA).

Deborah Marcia Rubin

Deborah has been a dedicated practitioner of Transcendental Meditation since 1992.  The positive impact of TM on all aspects of her life inspired her to become a certified teacher.  With over 40 years experience as a certified yoga teacher, Deborah also teaches the Maharishi Yoga Asana program; an expansive approach to yoga postures.

Deborah is a creative and visionary entrepreneur who has created, owned and operated several successful businesses in Toronto.  Most recently she founded and ran Yoga Spirit (now Yoga U Online), an online continuing education hub serving the international yoga community.  She was a partner in Enrich Performance, a workplace health and wellness company.  Deborah also created and operated City Nights, a unique marketing concept that became a driving force for entertainment and lifestyle advertising in Toronto.  

Dancing West Coast Swing, Latin and Ballroom is one of Deborah's passions. She attributes her regular TM practice for deepening her creative expression and ability to connect with her audience.  
Deborah's love of speaking to professional organizations and sharing the benefits of TM with her students has earned her the distinction of the year's Top Canadian Teacher.

 Igor Gorbatenco

Igor has been practicing TM since 1994 and became a TM instructor in 1996. He was the National TM Administrator in Moldova (a former Soviet Republic) from 2000 to 2007 where he was responsible for national affairs, the local centre administration, teaching, conducting regular advanced seminars and workshops and leading residential retreats.

In addition to being one of the youngest TM instructors in Moldova - certified at the age of 18, Igor also continued his other studies and received his Bachelors Degree in English Literature. He then went on to maintain a parallel career as TM teacher and a Microsoft Brand Manager consultant, advising individuals and corporations on software licensing. In 2010 Igor along with his family emigrated to Canada where he continued to teach TM part-time. Beginning in 2013 Igor is happy to be engaged fully in his primary vocation as one of the dedicated TM teachers serving the GTHA.

With his background Igor also has the official certification to teach TM in both English and Russian, providing a special service to the GTHA growing Russian speaking population.

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