Inner Peace and Happiness is easy with TM

It's not enough to affirm yourself to inner peace. You have to experience it in the physiology. The deep restfulness experienced during TM relaxes the body and allows it to release stress and built-up fatigue. When your nervous system is less tense, you can react more calmly to problems that arise.

Ellen Degeneres on TM


Inner Peace is Easy

Russell Simmons, Co-Founder of Def-Jam & pioneering hip-hop figure speaks about TM (4 mins)

By adding the calming experience of Transcendental Meditation to your daily routine, inner peace grows easily. The natural tendency of the mind is to go in the direction of more happiness and peace. When practicing TM, this process happens naturally and automatically. Studies have found that Transcendental Meditation reduces anxiety, depression, and even symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Sarah Roddy, Paramedic:

"I'm a pretty high strung person, so I think the differences that I've noticed is I'm a lot more relaxed. It really is a pretty easy process, it's not something that I force. It's making a difference for me and I didn't think that that was a possibility."