Transcendental Meditation Course Fee

  • Personal one-on-one instruction.
  • Four day course to consolidate the learning of the technique and verify the correctness of the practice.
  • Lifetime follow-up and support. Schedule an appointment at a local TM centre or meet with a teacher at no additional cost.
  • Lifetime of benefits



$1,310 (plus gst/hst)


$2,145 (plus gst/hst)

Family fee includes parents & dependent, minor children learning together.


Student scholarship

$655 (plus gst/hst)

Scholarship rate available upon application by Full-time High School & College/University students.

Other scholarships

Applications by seniors on government pension, single parents on assistance, and individuals on disability pension may be considered based on individual circumstances.


Nothing has opened my eyes like Transcendental Meditation - Hugh Jackman


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Michael Andrew, TM meditator

Michael Andrew, Financial Advisor:

"15-20 years ago I actually went to a Transcendental Meditation meeting and, for all the wrong reasons, I decided against it. The cost is a tiny amount relative to how it can change your life. Transcendental Meditation has given me inner peace that I didn't believe I had."